Tenerife Car Hire - Flora and fauna

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Despite its relatively small area, Tenerife is home to a great deal of ecological diversity. This is a consequence of the special environmental conditions on the island. The uneven orography leads to localised modifications of climatic conditions; put simply, it allows for a great variety of micro-climates. The proliferation of micro-climates creates a huge number of natural habitats, which explains the richness and variety of the island’s flora (1,400 species of plants), including numerous species that are endemic to the Canaries (200) and many that are exclusive to Tenerife (140).

Tenerife has the greatest number of endemic flora in Macaronesia. Furthermore, the different chemical compositions of the diverse volcanic material that built the island edifice, coupled with various climatic factors, have led to a great diversity in the types of soil that are found on the island. The combination of these factors make it possible for Tenerife to have multiple habitats, giving rise to the numerous plant and animal communities that make up the island’s unique ecosystems.