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Palmeran cooking is quite simple. The main elements of this cuisine are meat, fish, potatoes and legumes. Due to the richness of Canarian water, there are many kinds of fish that are served broiled, baked, salted or dried, like tollos (grilled strips of sun-dried shark meat). The most commonly consumed meat includes pork, chicken, rabbit and goat. The favourite fruits are figs, avocadoes, mangos, papayas, higos picos (prickly pears) and whatever fruit is in season. The traditional Canarian breakfast includes gofio (a stone ground flour made from roasted cereals) mixed with milk and different varieties of coffee. Potaje (porridge) is the most common way to eat vegetables (and thanks to this dish, Canarians eat a great deal of vegetables). But among all local products, perhaps the most famous are La Palma's cheese and delicious pastries.