Vilaflor Car Hire - Tenerife

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Vilaflor has the smallest population in the archipelago (1,797 inhabitants) and is the municipality at the highest altitude in all of Spain, at 1,500 m above sea level. It is surrounded by forests, and for centuries local villagers and the wealthy have known about its healthy climate. People suffering from different ailments, especially respiratory problems, came to Chasna to breathe the healthy air. Despite its size, Vilaflor has many charms, such as its historic quarter, where you can visit the Church of San Pedro Apóstol, and the Convent of Bethlehemita, where the first Canarian saint was born (San Pedro de San José de Bethancourt).

In addition to this historic legacy, Vilaflor is known for the beauty of its landscapes, for its terraced gardens covered with volcanic sand from El Teide and also for its strange lunar landscape (a volcanic formation that transports you from Tenerife to the moon) or the pinos gordos (the thickest pine trees in all of Spain). This picturesque place is also the source of the streams of water used by the brand of bottled water, Fuente Alta.

Vilaflor is also surrounded by stunning mountain landscapes, which can be hiked all the way to El Teide, and which at night allows you to see the cleanest skies in the world. And just like in all the municipalities and villages in Tenerife, Chasna offers great food, especially white soups, and homemade pastries like the rosetas de Vilaflor, typical of this district.